31 May 2007

Just an optic display

This picture was taken in March at the Hope for Honduras mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I went on a mission trip with LifeChurch.tv to Honduras. This lady in the picture, Fabiola, is one of the ladies that we built a house for. She is an employee of the mission and a fellow Believer. The misisonaries in Honduras are Ron and Shelly Jones. They are really awesome people and I hope to see them again soon. :)

That's all I have for now. (I really just wanted to try out the whole picture posting thing.)

30 May 2007

First non-myspace blog

Hey - it's my first blog on here. I'm just testing the proverbial waters of online blogging here (that's not to say that myspace blogging is not blogging - but I tend to post articles and other such things on my myspace blog). There is a thought of future ramifications of what could become criminal activity for my beliefs lingering in the backthoughts of the inner workings of my mind . . . hmm, this could be fun. I love to write. Of course when I write openly on a blog, I subject the inner workings of my mind to the pondering and wonderment and crititique of fellow readers who would care to read the blog of an average twenty-four year old woman in Oklahoma . . . I guess we'll see what may come from this . . . .