25 October 2007

Great Fall Recipe Web Site

I wanted to search the internet for pumpkin pie recipe from scratch since I bought some pie pumpkins at the grocery store the other day. I found a really great recipe that has a whole bunch of nutritious recipes from scratch for pumpkin and apples!! :D Yay!

Website: http://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org

Try it out! They have a whole bunch of other stuff on their too about farms and stuff, but I haven't checked that out yet.

23 October 2007

The Wedding Ceremony Part I

The Wedding Ceremony Part II

Fun Fotos From the Fun Festiva

Michelle, Josh and Joe
It's not very often you catch Joe and Michelle adoring each other on film. :)

Sarah and James

Apparently this was a "grumpy" face pic

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Tough Airmen

Not entirely sure what's going on here . . .

The GroomsMen

Mike, John, Asher, Jake and James

The Brides Maides

Sarah, Michelle, Abby, Sam and Tegan

The Flower Girls

Natalie, Caylee and Tegan

Caylee, Macy, Tegan and Natalie

Natalie, Macy and Caylee

The Family

From left to right: Carla, John, Ruth, Paul, Mike, Tegan, Thomas, John (Dad), Karen (MIA: Pam, RoseAnna (Mom), Tevin, Michael, Chris and Brittney)

Brothers: Mike and John

The Parents of Groom and Bride: Paul, Ruth, Karen, Dad (MIA: Mom)

Parents of Groom, Groom and Bride, Parents of Bride

Siblings: Carla, John, Mike, Tegan, Thomas

Mike and newphew Jonathan, AKA Ring Bearer

Pre-wedding photos

We walked over past the Rose Garden to a little wooded area that went along next to a small stream that gave way to the little pond. There were two bridges. This bridge is the closest to the pond (with the fountain in the background).