01 May 2008

First Tornado Viewing

I had my first experience with tornadic activity up close and personal. Yes, I have lived in Oklahoma for 8 years, and I have been through warnings and sought shelter. However, I have not ever been in the immediate vacinity of a tornado forming. This afternoon was a warm (85 degrees) afternoon, sunny, not really a cloud in the sky. I was studying and texting Christine, and low and behold, it starts raining really hard. And then I heard "thud" "thud" "thud" on the roof. So I grabbed my camera and went outside where there was golf ball and baseball sized hail falling. Also have a video of that. Then I got a call that a tornado had formed at Sunnylane and I-240, which is a couple of miles from here. So I ran inside and got my combat boots on. (Mike was at class on the NW side of the city, about 30 miles away to the northwest). Then Tom called me with the same message. I called Thomas, who was driving to Joe and Michelle's house and told him to seek shelter immediately. I went downstairs and met my downstairs neighbors, and watched the weather on the TV. Mike and I don't have TV, so I didn't know exactly what was going on. So anyway, then her boyfriend/husband comes in from checking out his truck and the hail damage, and he says there's a funnel forming right over head and so they leave and head for the police station to the shelter there. So I ran to my truck and I look up at the sky, which was an odd greenish color, and the clouds were swirling around and forming a funnel. I jumped into my truck and drove over to the police station, which is literally across the street. Before going in I took a couple of short videos, such as the one above. I was in touch with Mike, Thomas (and therefore Joe and Michelle), Asher, Betsy and Kyle during all of this. I figured that Sarah, living in Moore, would be at work or at home, and therefor would be safe in all this. I tried to call Abby, but her line was busy. Everybody was okay. I stayed in the shelter for about 15 minutes until they gave the all clear and then headed home.
So, it was a really stressful night. I'm still pretty wired. I should probably go take a Xanax or something. And I bought a weather radio for future weather events.

Long Time No Write

Okay, I know that I did not blog in the entire month of April, but I have my reasons, mostly having to do with studying and such. I have a LOT to write about though, and I found my camera cables (yay) so I will write a little bit now. :)