14 December 2008

Brief pregnancy update

I had an OB appointment this past Thursday and things are going really well.

I gained ten pounds in one month though!!! I attribute this mostly to Ruth's fantastically good cooking that I could not stop eating over Thanksgiving. :D It's all right though, the baby really wanted all that good food! I have come to the realization that this is one time in my life where I am not going to worry about my weight. So that makes 21 pounds altogether that I've gained since I got pregnant. I weigh more now than I ever have in my life, at 120 pounds.

My hands have started to maintain an almost constant swelling, mostly in my fingers, which is really uncomfortable. I can still wear my wedding bands though, so that is good news.

Sophie kicks like crazy a lot and she has figured out how to get up under my ribs, which can be rather uncomfortable at times. You can watch her move around in my stomach and it's pretty neat. I'm planning on trying to get a video of it sometime.

Mike and I are going over to Marilyn's in a few minutes and she's going to take some pregnancy pictures for us. :D I'll try to get some of those posted before Christmas. :)

Jack the new kitty

Well, it seems Mike and I may have acquired a new kitten (about 9 or 10 months old). On Thursday night, we were watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD together and I heard a tiny little kitten cry outside. Being the compassionate cat lover that I am, I immiediately put on shoes and a sweater and ventured outside to make sure all was ok. I followed the tiny little meows and this little black cat was searching around for food. I beckoned him over and he immediately came to me, so I scooped him up and he burrowed into my neck. He was so cold and thin, so I took him upstairs and remained outside with him while Mike brought out some food and water in a dish. He was so incredibly hungry. He ate and ate and finished the whole bowl. Mike brought out another scoop of food for the night and we were going to leave him out there. As soon as we closed the door, my heart felt like it dropped to my feet. That poor kitten, all alone on the cold cement, with hardly any body fat or fluffy fur to keep warm. So I asked Thomas if he minded if we kept the kitten in his room for the night, since he always keeps his door closed. He didn't mind at all, and went outside and picked the kitten up and took it to his room. We have a second litter box, so we put that in his room also, along with some food and water. When I checked on him later (the cat), the kitten was curled up in Thomas' lap while he played on the computer. (Awwww).

On Friday morning, I called the office manager to see if anyone had reported missing a cat or if anyone on file in the complex had a cat with his description. No one had either. I called the vet's office and scheduled an appointment for him for later in the afternoon.

Everything went well at the vets. He's been previously neutered, and I got a FIV/Leukemia test on him, which came back negative. So he got his shots and he's good to go with a nice, clean bill of health.

We pretty much kept him seperated from Eowyn and Missy all day and when we went to Bible study that night (we kept in Thomas' room with the door closed). Saturday we let him out with Eowyn and Missy. There was lots of growling and hissing on the part of Eowyn and Missy, but the kitty pretty much ignored them.

Mike and I did go to PetSmart to see if anyone had posted a missing notice and we posted a found notice, in case someone was looking for him. We also drove through the neighborhood behind our apartment complex to see if there were any missing signs, which there weren't. We tried to see if he would like to live with Marilyn and Jason and their two dogs too. The dogs were fine with him, but he was definitely not okay with the dogs, so that didn't work out. Becca and Jim couldn't take him in either.

This is a picture of me with Jack; he's trying to burrow into my hair and is making little biscuits on my shoulder. He is definitely one of the most affectionate kitties I have ever seen.

Eowyn and Missy are slowly getting used to him. I've been praying A LOT about that. Missy is pretty much okay with him, but hasn't quite worked up the courage to play with him, although it looks like she wants to. Missy and Jack both slept on the bed with us last night with no problems, so that was really neat.

Eowyn on the other hand has been sulking, growling, hissing and snorting quite a bit when Jack is around. Although she is no longer isolating herself under the bed and refusing to eat, which is good. And as of this afternoon, she'll venture into the living room with him present too. I'm taking that as a great sign.

So, if Mike and I aren't able to find him a good home, it looks like we'll be keeping him. :D

He does like the Christmas tree though. Earlier, I looked over at Mike because he said something to the kitten and jumped up from the couch. I followed his pointing over to the tree and Jack was in the middle of tree, perched on a branch! He hadn't even made a noise when he did that. The tree didn't fall down and nothing got broken as Mike retrieved him from the tree. I thought it was pretty funny since you could barely tell he was in there. Nice hiding place I guess! (When Eowyn and Missy have tried this in the past, they've knocked the tree down.)