11 April 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

(above) Asleep in Daddy's arms yesterday morning (Friday the 10th of April)
Settling down to watch a movie while Mommy takes a shower on Friday the 10th.

Daddy's arms - so warm and secure because Daddy is strong. :) (Friday the 10th)

Almost two weeks old! I've outgrown my basket, so this is where I am sleeping right now. I have my own little pallet between Mommy and Daddy.

One week old, staying warm next to Daddy. Our heat went out, so skin to skin contact is the best for warmth! (first weekend in April)

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Abby said...

Tegan, she is so beautiful. I haven't really gotten a good look at her yet but she is gorgeous. She has such a sweet chubby little face. I love the way her skin looks in the picture sleeping with Mike. Sweet sweet baby. Almost makes me want to have more.