29 June 2009

Something's happened to me!!

I have a pink background on my blog!! WHAT has happened to me?? I used to not like pink . . . and now I have willfully chosen pink as my background color! Must be the inundation of pink when Sophie was being knit in my womb. :)

In other news I have to wear my glasses for a few weeks because I have microepithelial cysts on my corneas. No sunglasses for weeks and in the summer too! Bummer . . . at least it's not permanent. Well, it rarely is permanent. The cloudy vision is annoying though . . .

I HAVE A PINK BACKGROUND!! I'M BECOMING . . . FEMININE!! AAAGGGHHHH!! (You have to really know me to think that this is amusing and that I haven't gone crazy.)

26 June 2009

More Sophie Photos :)

All these photos were taken during the month of June 09
Sophie's outfit from Australia - it almost fits her now! :)

Someone fell asleep during playtime . . .

I love this photo of Sophie - she's such a happy baby! :D And definitely Mommy's little love bug!

12 June 2009

Tis the season . . .

. . . for allergies apparently. Mike's allergies have been really bad the last week and Sophie and I both have "allergy-like" symptoms, but not full blown allergies. I don't recall ever having a problem with allergies, so I hope I'm not starting something. They are also hereditary, so we are praying that Sophie will not have allergies either. The doctor said they don't start to really appear until about a year old, so we'll see.

Sophie is now a formula baby. We actually switched to formula completely about five weeks ago, just before she turned six weeks old. I had a lot of problems breast feeding, and despite going to see the lactation consultant twice and taking fenugreek to increase my milk supply, and then pumping for 30 minutes after EVERY feeding, I was still not making enough. Sophie ended up never being satisfied and wasn't gaining weight, so after I reached the point of exhaustion while Mike was TDY, I just kind of gave up trying. I was making less and less every day and not enough for Sophie, so I just switched to formula. Apparently supply and demand does not work with me.

So now we are doing the "find the right formula" game. First Sophie was on Enfamil Lipil, but she was spitting up A LOT, and I mean more than what seemed like normal. So I switched her to Enfamil Lipil AR, which has rice powder added to thicken it. She did spit up less, but then she started actually throwing up (she looked like a little spewing fountain), so I took her to the doctor, and he put her on Nutramigen, which is apparently elementum. It's not milk or soy based and is supposed to help with immune system building. So now we're back to not gaining any weight. The first week she was on it, she wasn't throwing up and barely spitting up, but she gained zero ounces in seven days. Babies are supposed to gain anywhere from 0.5 - 1.0 ounces a day. So 0.0 ounces in 7 days is not good. I feel like we're back to square one when she wasn't gaining weight on breast milk. And it's really expensive. I got some samples from the doctor to start with, but when I went grocery shopping, I literally stood in front of the formula in the aisle for several minutes staring at the price tag. For a 16 oz can, it's over $25! I thought the $15 for the Lipil AR was expensive! (For those that don't know, 16 oz lasts maybe a week.) All I can say is thank God that He allowed us to pay the truck off before Sophie was born! Fortunately WIC does cover it, but not until after the 27th for a technicality reason . . . I'm just hoping that Sophie starts to gain weight again. We got back next week for a weight check.

Other than that, Sophie is still just as talkative and wiggly as ever. She tries to sit up more when you're holding her and likes to look around. She is just so cute! Right now when Sophie takes her morning nap, I like to cuddle up with her on the couch or chair and read while holding her. I really love that time with her so much. Sure the house work isn't getting done at that time, but I love to spend time with Sophie, even though she's asleep. She's also holding her head up more and more, but she does get tired after a little while, so then we help support her.

We also finally got Mike's car fixed! Yay! His AC hasn't worked for two years now, so we decided to bite the bullet and take it into the shop. It also has been doing a weird electrical thing when you try to start it, and sometimes won't start, so we got that fixed as well. Mike is so happy to have his AC working again. We both feel confident that we'll be able to drive the car to SD the next time we come up for a visit. We had thought about still taking the truck, but after driving around for a week with me riding in the jump seat in the back because Sophie's carseat has to go in the front was enough for me! I could ride 12 hours like that if I had to, but I'd rather not.

I guess that's it for now. :)

04 June 2009

Pictures of Sophie

(Above) May 26th 09 - 2 months old
(Above) May 25th 09

(Above) May 27th, 09, getting ready to pull her musical elephant on her carrier (just waiting for that day!)

(Above) Holding her rattle on May 28th, 09

Talking SophieBug

Sophie was laying on Marilyn's lap on the 27th of May and she was just talking away, cooing and smiling, so I got the camera out and started filming. :) She is a day over 2 months old in this video. She's so cute! :D

Sophie and me video

This video was taken just after Sophie finished her bath. It's pretty short and I had no idea that Mike was taking a video, I thought he was just following me to take more pictures of Sophie. I think you can really see the happiness of motherhood on my face when I turn around at the end of the hall (if I do say so myself). :)

Grandison Inn Bed & Breakfast

Last Friday night (the 29th of May), Mike and I stayed one night at the Grandison Inn B&B in Oklahoma City. We got a gift certificate from Family Expectations for our anniversary, and we were finally able to use it.

The inn was a beautiful victorian home near Heritage Park, which is a few blocks north of downtown.

We stayed in the Memory Cove room, which had a beautiful two person jacuzzi, a huge four poster bed, which had a little step stool to use since it was so high up, and was filled with beautiful antiques.

To make it extra special for Mike, I had dinner delivered to our room, which included fresh salad, an entree (I had apricot glazed chicken and I ordered a steak for Mike), and dessert (I had key lime pie and Mike had cheesecake). I didn't tell Mike about dinner or the extra stuff I got, so it was all a surprise to him. :)

As you can see, we brought Sophie with us, and she was great. We brought her pack n play to sleep in, which is what she sleeps in now.

I loved the wall paper in the room; it really reminded me of the wall paper in the house I grew up in on Mary Ball Street in Fredericksburg, VA.

One of the surprises for Mike was chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider to enjoy. I also had rose petals put in the jacuzzi along with floating candles.

This picture is of the sitting room. I'm pretty sure the owners were Christians because there was a handdrawn picture of Jesus, and the pages on the guestbook had Bible verses on them. The page we signed had John 3:16. There were also hymnals and Christian song books on the grand piano and organ in the other sitting room.

Here we are right before we left in front of the grand staircase, which was so beautiful. It was a wonderful, relaxing time to get away and enjoy ourselves.