15 May 2009

Tinker PWOC

The Tinker PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), the Bible study I attend on Tuesday mornings on base, has a blog! Yay! I have added the link under Fellowship Blogs on the right hand side if you'd like to take a peak. :D The ladies of PWOC really offer so much support and fellowship, especially while spouses are away. The Lord is an awesome Provider! :)

Marilyn's having a girl!

Marilyn and Jason found out on Wednesday that they are having a baby girl! I'm so excited for them! They have decided on the name Samantha. The middle name is still under debate, however Jason is leaning towards River. I like it. :) Sophie's going to have a little playmate in a few months! It's so exciting! I really love that my friends are having kids at the same time as me; it's like a dream come true! Life is so wonderful and I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life. God is so awesome! His mercy and grace are unfathomable! What an awesome God we serve! :D

Long Two Weeks

The past two weeks have been so long! Mike has been TDY for a class at Ft. Gordon and it has just been hard without him. I've really missed him and I'm glad that Sophie is here, she has been a comfort. I haven't been able to get too much sleep though and it's taken me up until today I think to get used to doing everything by myself. Usually Mike helps with a lot around the apartment. He returns tomorrow though and I am so glad about that! I can't wait to see him again! :D I have a few surprises for him when I see him. :) Friends have definitely been a comfort while he has been gone though and I am so grateful to them! :D Especially Marilyn who has invited me over almost every night. :)

Severe Weather

We had some really severe weather roll through the state on Wednesday night. The storms came from the northwest ~ never a good sign. Anyway, I actually got a good channel on the TV (we don't have the digital converter box) so I could watch where the storm was. Sometime after 2130 a tornado warning was issued for Del City and Midwest City. There wasn't an actual funnel on the ground, but there was circulation and other radar things indicating tornadic activity. And it was headed straight for where we live! It was actually right by Rose State College when they issued the warning, which is a few miles southwest of us. Anyway, Mike is TDY right now, and I had already packed Sophie's diaper bag, so I grabbed that and my purse and two pillows, and Sophie of course and got into the bathtub. I had turned the TV up really loud, but after a few minutes the storm was so loud that I couldn't hear the TV. I called Michelle, Marilyn, Sarah and Steph to make sure they knew about the storm and to take tornado precautions. Honestly, I was pretty scared. I did A LOT of praying! Sophie was asleep so I laid her down in the tub and just kind of covered her with my body. Missy and Jack sat right outside the bathtub looking very worried. The thunder was so loud and continuous I honestly didn't know if there was a tornado on the ground nearby or not. Plus I was under pillows in the tub, so things were slightly muffled. At one point there was what I have now determined to be a huge clap of thunder, but to me it sounded like an explosion. At this point I was so frightened I was shaking. My friend Kim called me and stayed on the phone with me, which was comforting. I dont' know if she could hear how scared I was in my voice or not; my voice sounded pretty shaky to me. The storm eventually worked its way south though and a tornado didn't touch down in our area, thank the Lord! It was definitely a scary night though! I ended up staying the tub for 45 minutes to an hour listening to the storm and praying.

Yesterday as I was thinking about all this, I realized that even though I was afraid of the storm, I was/am even more afraid of the Lord. He is the Creator of the storm and He gives life and He can take it away - all to His glory and for His edification. Yes, I am saying that I was afraid to die. Is it cowardice, maybe. I feel that I'm not done with what I'm supposed to do in this life. I feel that the Lord has more work for me. What that work is, I'm still working on that.

A tornado from a separate storm did touch down in Anadarko, to the southwest and a tornado from yet another storm touched down in another part of the state. So it was a scary night for a lot of Oklahomans.

12 May 2009

Visit from Auntie Sam

Sam came to visit for a week a few days after Sophie was born. Sam was also a HUGE help with things around the apartment. She makes the BEST scrambled eggs ever! It was so great to see Sam and have her out to visit. Unfortunately this is the only picture that I got of her and Sophie . . . Sam also cooked and cleaned and helped out with Sophie. I was really so blessed with so much help from family and friends when Sophie first arrived. Having a newborn is a lot of work and I can't imagine going through the first few weeks alone . . . the Lord is so awesome in how He provides down to every last detail!

Visit from the Goode Grandparents

Dad and Karen came for a visit for three days from 7-9April. Karen was also a HUGE help with Sophie and cooking and cleaning. I had a mastitis infection (very painful!) while they were here, and Karen helped take care of me too since I was feeling pretty bad. I was (am) very grateful.
Of course Dad loved to hold Sophie and talk to her. :) I thought it was pretty neat that he was back to visit a week after visiting the first time.

Karen spent a lot of time holding Sophie and rocking her in the chair and getting to know her. She also gave me a beautiful picture scrapbook album to put pictures of Sophie in. :)

Visit from the VB Grandparents

Ruth and Paul came down to visit when Sophie was a few days old. It was really great to see them. They are so proud of Sophie!

I really like this picture of Ruth holding Sophie. Sophie just looks so content. :)

Ruth came back down to visit after Karen and Dad left and stayed for a week. She was a HUGE help . . . cleaning, cooking, helping with Sophie . . . I am so glad that she was able to come down and help out - definitely a blessing!
And Sophie enjoyed getting to know her Grandma! :)

Getting Ready to go Home

The day Sophie came home from the hospital (28Mar2009), she seemed so tiny in her carseat. Mike and I actually had done anything with her carseat before I gave birth to her, so we spent an hour and a half trying to figure out how to adjust the straps . . . even with the manual. . . :) And of course, it was snowing the day that Sophie came home, so we had to wrap her up nice and warmly.

The outfit she has on is a premie outfit that Mike and I bought at Babies R Us. Even though she wasn't due until late March, something inside of me told me to buy a really warm outfit, so I decided to listen to that inner voice. I am so glad that I did, because it was pretty cold when we brought Sophie home.
After I put Sophie's outfit on her, I couldn't believe how cute she looked in it! I made all kinds of little cooing and awing noises at her. She just looked at me and studied my face; it was so adorable. She is so precious!

I had Mike take all kinds of pictures of her in her little outfit. She was tiny and precious! I still can't believe how tiny she was. She's still really tiny, not even 8# at our last check up 8 days ago (7#13oz). My precious fussypot wiggleworm Sophie~bug. :)

Grandfather's Visit in the Hospital

Dad came to visit us in the hospital the day after Sophie was born. I thought that was pretty special - he flew in from Tampa that morning.

I would say that Dad was beaming holding his granddaughter.

Dad checking Sophie out. He immediately got started telling Sophie about how he was going to show her his trains and teach her all kinds of things. It was really precious! :)
Sophie is 1 day old in these pictures. (27Mar2009)

Mommy and Baby

These are some of my favorite pics of us that Ruth took while she was visiting. They were taken on April 19th, 2009.

Sophie's First Bath

Sophie had her first bath on April 17th. We put the infant tub on the changing table (we don't do that anymore, it's too heavy for me to carry when it's full of water and I end of getting water everywhere. Now we give her a bath in the infant tub in the regular tub). Sophie quite enjoyed it. She actually really loves her bathtime and tries to scoot down further into the water ~ which worries Mommy . . . In the first picture I was trying to put the bath mitten on and support Sophie with my other hand. That's Mike's hand reaching to help me out. Ruth is taking the pictures.

Bible Study Dinner Out

A few Saturdays back most of us in the Bible study went to Ricky's Mexican Cafe for dinner. It was so great to go out to eat with everyone!

08 May 2009

Rolling Over?

So this is a video of Sophie rolling over. We were doing tummy time, which Sophie is not especially fond of. I'm beginning to think it may have been a fluke though because even though this was the third time she had rolled over in a row, she hasn't done it since then. This was when she was 3 weeks and 5 days old - she is now 6 weeks and 1 day old. What do you guys think? She is definitely a wiggleworm though!
(BTW ~ I have no idea what the audio is on this video because I don't have audio on my computer - my sound card went out a while ago in my laptop.)

Sleep deprivation

So with being a new parent comes sleep deprivation. All new parents, especially nursing mothers have experienced this. Here are some interesting and amusing tales that came about as a result of my sleep deprivation.

~ I forgot my left from my right - seriously. I couldn't remember which side was left and which was right when I was breast feeding. Of course it was 3am and Sophie was a few days old. . .

~ I have repeated myself I don't know how many times. I'm sure I've asked people how they're doing at least three times in a row . . .

~ I hit my truck with Mike's car. We were driving home from Bible study and I think I spaced out right as I was pulling into the parking spot and forgot to finish the turn and scraped my truck with Mike's front corner fender. At least it was my vehicle that I hit!

~ I put on two different socks and didn't even notice until several hours later when I was at someone else's house

~ I forgot to feed the cats - twice in a row. Mike had just left for TDY to Ft. Gordon and he normally feeds the cats. Well, sometime after 2200 that night, I was washing bottles in the kitchen, talking to Mike on the phone. Jack and Missy were both sitting on the rug in the kitchen staring at me. I thought this was quite unusual until I looked at their food dishes and realized I hadn't fed them all day! The poor kitties! :(

~ I have forgotten to take a shower and whether I have taken a shower

~ I have forgotten the names of people that I know. At least that was only temporary . . .

~ I have forgotten to eat . . . several times . . .

I'm sure there are others . . . I just can't remember . . . lol . . .

Sophie's First Easter

I know it's been a while since I've posted . .. things have been busy with Sophie . . . :) ah - being a new mom . .. ::sigh:: :D On Easter Mike and I visited First Southern Baptist where Marilyn, Jason and Jake go to church. Jake was getting baptized! It was also the first church service that Sophie attended. She did great and slept through the whole service! :)

Sophie's Easter dress - I had little nitted booties on her that Mom sent me from Australia, but she kept kicking them off (big surprise ~ she's still a wiggleworm!)

After church we decided to catch a quick nap before going to Jeremy and Steph's for Easter dinner. Being a new mommy is tiring!

After Mike covered us up, Missy decided we looked pretty cozy, so she joined in on the nap. :)

We had Easter dinner over at Jeremy and Steph's house. It was really great. Michelle and Steph went all out and cooked all kinds of great dishes to eat. Afterwards Steph got out Molly, her farrot, to show Josh (who is being hidden by Michelle).
It was a really great first Easter for Sophie! :)