20 August 2009

Reliving the past online

Recently I have begun searching for childhood toys online, including Paradisa Legos, Playmobil and more.

I found some really great sites:
http://collectobil.com/catalogue/catalogue.html - has some of the old sets that Thomas and I used to play with. Oh the hours of fun and imaginative adventure!!

I long for my childhood back at this particular moment when there was playing and nothing to really worry about . . .

Mike's ALS Graduation

Mike graduated from Airman Leadership School on August 13th! This is Mike with some of the higher-ups in the Herd.
Mike worked really hard during ALS - often staying up until 2330 or later doing homework, writing speeches and getting his uniform ready.
Before the graduation ceremy I got to meet his Captain, as well as a few other higher-ups in the 34th, and they all had outstanding comments about Mike. They said that he was a really hard worker, very smart and so on. It is very easy to see that Mike is definitely noticed for his hard work at the squadron and they are going to be expecting a lot of great things from Mike in the future. I am so proud of Mike!!

On a minor side note, I, unfortunately, missed Mike's graduation ceremony because I passed out and had to go to the ER. I was really sad to miss such a big event in Mike's AF career.

My new hobby

When I went to order my books for my Vietman Lit class, I decided to order them online at Amazon.com instead of buying them at the book store (there are five books and six movies to purchase). So I went to Amazon and I was able to collectively save over $30 by buying them online as opposed to buying them at school, and that was if I could only get new books at school and it included the price for shipping.

The great thing about Amazon.com is that you can buy used books on their site - which means that I could get some books for up to 90% off the cover price. Awesome!!

So after I bought my books for school, I started perusing for other books of interest - for pleasure reading. I found some books by Margaruite Henry for 1 penny!! How awesome is that! I found some books for Sophie too.

Now I just have to not spend a whole lot of money . . . I know how I am with regularly priced books at the bookstore - now there are thousands of books at my finger tips for as little as pennies!! I might be in big trouble . . .

School has started

So the fall semester is underway, it started this past Monday. I'm already so ready to be finished with school. I feel tired and ready to drop the two classes I'm taking now. It's not that they are really bad or anything, it's just that I'm tired . . . and there's morning sickness.

Anyway, I am enrolled in Vietman Film and Literature, an 8 week online class, and Technical Writing, a 16 week online class, and Consulting Skills Development and Training, an 8 week part on line, part on campus class that doesn't start until October (when the other 8 week class is over). The good part about the latter class is that it's actually going to be held at Rose State, which is 5 minutes away, as opposed to UCO, which is 30 minutes away. It's a UCO class, just held at Rose State.

So far the Vietman class is quite interesting. We're watching a lot of films, music videos and reading a lot of books and comics from both sides of the conflict (American and Vietnamese). The instructor asks so really great questions and makes us think about the conflict from all points of view. I was quite surprised that we are using a few different comics, including "Max: the Punisher Born". This class would be right up Thomas' alley.

So far I haven't had a chance to do too much in the Technical Writing class because when I went to UCO to buy my books for the class, they gave me the wrong book. So when I went up to UCO yesterday, they were sold out of the book and so I had to order it online today. I'll be going up to UCO this Saturday to do some reading - I have three chapters to read before Sunday night. I just really hope they have it at the library . . .

Baby VB the 2nd

I had my first OB appointment yesterday, and Mike was able to go with me (yay!). Apparently I am not as far along as I thought I was. According to the bedside ultrasound, I am only 9 weeks along - I thought I was 12 weeks. I still think I'm at least a week further along than that . . . my midwife ordered a first trimester ultrasound to confirm the due date though, so I'll get to have my first ultrasound on September 10th! Yay! I think it's the 10th anyway, it's a Friday . . .

We were able to see the baby on the ultrasound and we could see it waving its' little arms, not quite as much as when Sophie did at our 10 week ultrasound, but still moving. It was pretty neat, and it really sank it that I'm pregnant . . .

Mike and I have had a lot of talks in the past about how many children we want to have. Although I don't ever plan on using birth control or anything, I'm starting to rethink having lots of children. I really hate morning sickness. I feel so useless, and sick and it's hard to eat anything or drink anything . . . it makes me wonder how many more times I could go through this. Although that is kind of like deciding to have more children in the middle of a contraction . . . so who knows . . . I am praying for more spacing between this child and the next . . .

06 August 2009

Great Idea for me to do

I got a great idea tonight, so I wanted to write about it before I forgot. :) The bed that I am sleeping on at Sam's parent's house has a beautiful quilt on it. Apparently Sam made it. (She did a great job). :) She was telling me how she made the quilt and it is made out of her and Charlie's baby blankets that were saved. The baby blankets were falling apart, so Sam did some research, cut them up into equal sized squares and sewed them together on her grandmother's sewing machine (that she fixed). Then she ordered denim and suade off the internet to fill in the pathches and for the back. It looks great. I need to recharge my camera battery so I can get a pic of it before I leave.

So my idea, which was Sam's idea really, was when Sophie grows out of some of my favorite onesies of hers, I can cut them up and make a quilt out of them to remember them. I might have to wait a few years so I can reuse them if we have another girl, but I think it's still a pretty good idea. :)