14 June 2011

About the Family

 The Protector: My amazing husband who serves the Lord and serves his country in the US Air Force. Mike is a devoted and loving husband, an awesome Dad who is very adored by his children and all around great guy. Mike enjoys reading, quoting movie lines, doing computer stuff, outdoor activities and being silly with his family.
The Keeper of the Castle: that's me, Tegan. I am a follower of Christ and a stay at home Mama of two, (soon to be three) and an Air Force wife. I love my life and taking care of my family. I also love PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), writing, reading, running and being outside. I consider myself to have a lot of eclectic interests . . . 
 The Stepping Stones: Butterfly. Butterfly is our first born child and she is our little cuddle-bug. A very loving child, she is also very passionate and fun loving. Butterfly enjoys running everywhere, helping as much as she can (she especially loves to wipe things with a towel or baby wipe), reading and eating. Butterfly gets a huge kick out of life and can often be heard laughing or giggling at something.

The Stepping Stones: "The Little Man". Little Man is our second born child, arriving eleven months after Butterfly (yes, they are Irish twins). Little Man is a laid back and happy little man with a gentle spirit who enjoys climbing, copying everything his older sister does, taking long baths and tormenting playing with the cat. He is such a joy to be around and always has a smile on his face.

The Stepping Stones: "Flower". Flower has arrived! She is following Little Man by sixteen months and is doing very well! We had some complications during pregnancy, but everything is looking fine now and we made it to full term! She is a very content, healthy and strong little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our family! She is very adored by her big sister and big brother! :)

The Feline of the Family: Galileo - Galileo came to us by accident after our previous kitty, Jack, had gotten out and not returned. After weeks of looking for Jack, placing fliers and ads, we got a call that someone had found Jack. Only, it wasn't Jack, it was his twin. After trying to find Galileo's real owners with no success, we decided to keep this sweet, loyal and gentle kitty and thus Galileo became part of our family. And no, Jack has not been found [yet - I have still have hope].

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