13 January 2012

Faithful Bloggers - Supporting Missionaries

 I am linking up with Faithful Bloggers today and the Faithful Blogging Prompt this week is: How do you support missionaries?

I must confess, I mostly support missionaries by prayer. I know prayer is no little thing, prayer can move mountains.

It's just that when you hear the term supporting missionaries, you mostly think in terms of money. My husband and I do give a small gift above our tithing to the missionaries from our church, Desert Springs, but that is actually my husband.

When I get some extra funds, which isn't often, I try to support Hope for Honduras. I went to Tegucigalpa in 2007 and Ron and Shelley are often on my minds, as are the people in the colonia. I wish I could support them financially more often. So I do a lot of praying instead.

Mike and I also try to give to Prison Fellowship a few times a year, especially their Angel Tree ministry. And we support a child through World Vision.

I hope that by sharing and linking up with these wonderful people, that I can help to support them by word of mouth.

How do you support missions? Leave a comment with a link to your blog here or on the Faithful Bloggers website. :)

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