16 January 2012

The Great Nurse-In

Mike and I want to travel east next summer, we're thinking Maine to Florida east (and lots of places in between), and I found yet another reason to visit "back east". (Yes, it some ways it feels like we live in the Wild West and it's a long way "Back East".)

The Great Nurse-In. Otherwise known as the Million Boob March. Yes. That's right. The Million Boob March. For any guys reading, it's to support breast-feeding, not a sexual fetish display thing on the Mall.

I read an article here about this event that is going to happen in the middle of National Breast-feeding Week in Washington, D.C. next summer. The event is currently scheduled for August 4th. The name is not set in stone yet either.

I just might have to squeeze in a short trip to D.C. into our itinerary!

The woman behind this event is a mom of two who wants to support breast-feeding in public. Her name is Rachael Papantonakis and she is tired of hearing about public breast-feeding discrimination.

I have to agree with her, I'm tired of it too. I have not been discriminated against when I nurse Daphne out in public, but I'm always weary of getting nasty looks and I have friends who have been discriminated against.

Breast-feeding is a natural, healthy, nurturing way to take care of your child. I know that not every woman can nurse their child (been there, done that, twice); those that can should be able to do so wherever they want. Without getting some negative comment or belittling look.

I think that the whole idea of breast-feeding being thought of as nasty or gross goes back to how over-sexed and out of touch with reality our society and culture is. Breasts are not just for sex. Don't get me wrong, they are for that too, but when you have an infant child (or even a toddler) and are able to breast-feed, they are for nutritional purposes too.

Our society is so engrossed with sex; we're saturated with it. Advertising. TV. Radio (ever heard some raunchy morning shows?), food. Clothing. Magazines. Books. Movies. Music. The list goes on. So it's only naturally that such an over-saturation can twist the real meaning and purpose behind sex. But that's another rant. Err, soapbox discussion.

Mainstream society is also (in my opinion) rather anti-child. So if society is anti-child, it only follows that there would be those who would be against breast-feeding too.

So really it makes sense that some people think breast-feeding is gross, etc. I think they are rather ignorant and uniformed about the beautiful relationship and bonding that is taking place between a mother and a child. Yes, there are a lot of other ways to bond with a child. Although I find that now that I can breastfeed my child, after not being able to nurse the first two, there is no other mother-child bond quite like it.

So spread the word about the Great Nurse-In and if you are able to make it Washington, D.C. next August, make an appearance to show your support for breast-feeding, whether you're a nursing mom or not. :)

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