16 January 2012

Life Update

Hmm . ..  what to write, what to write. . . . ever have a moment like that? You want to write, but you're not sure what to write about?

We {finally} took the tree down. Yay! Now we are 98% through with putting away the Christmas decorations! All I have to do now is bring the stocking holders upstairs and put them in the closet. And move the bin of Christmas decorations from the kitchen where it is currently functioning as additional counter space, to the garage, where it will function as collector of dust until next Christmas.

I've been working on projects in the house and I feel like I'm getting there. Mike has been a huge help in this. The tree is down (cross one off the list!), and we have the jumper set up for Daphne (cross another one off the list!). Today was also an incredibly productive day. I love those days! We started with a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs (I burned some of the pancakes! And then I almost burned up a pan because I turned the wrong burner off. Boy did the kids get a scare with the giant cloud of smoke!) Anyway . . . I got the dishes done, got five loads of laundry washed with two of them put away, I made two loaves of bread, menu-planned and went grocery shopping and a made a healthy lunch. All right! And I got a shower in! Score one for me!

Daphne went through four different outfits today with the exploding poopie diapers. Haven't had one of those days since Sophie was a tiny baby! We ran out of the size one diapers today, so she's in size 1-2 now. My baby is growing up!! Sob, sob, sniff, sniff.

Sophie is getting so tall. I'm going to have to move her to 3T clothes before her third birthday. Most of her pants are looking like high waters on her. And she is talking up a storm, with lots of sentences. She has the quite the little sense of humor too.

Edward is just hilarious and adorable and inquisitive, all at the same time. He was pretty tired today (the kids didn't nap again, and at dinner he was resting his chin on his hand, while he was chewing. So his head was bobbing up and down on his hand. And then Sophie got really upset at dinner because she wanted down after one bite and we wouldn't let her get down. So Edward covered both of his ears with his hands, then looked at me, then glanced at Sophie and raised his eyebrows, and looked back at me. I found it to be quite amusing.

Sophie and Edward are really into the "Signing Time" videos right now. Daphne is too, when she can watch them, which I try not to let her too often. Since watching the four videos that we have, Sophie and Edward have learned how to sign: potty, time, wipe, clean, soap, water, train, wet, dry, hungry, cheese, bread, apple, bath, twinkle, star, body, amazing, signing, singing, dancing, playing, sun, day, new and more. I can't remember all the other ones. Yes, it's that many! Those videos are amazing!! And the tunes are really catchy. Mike and I find ourselves singing them all day.

Well, I think that is all for now on family life. :)

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