21 January 2013

Blog Give Away

Hey lovely readers!

It's been a while, but first, some random words . . . Elvis . .. opera . .. flu . . .growth spurts . . . potty training . . . . cold weather . .. what do all these words have in common? They're related to things I've been involved with since my last blog post . . . more on that later.

The give away! No, it's not me giving something away. :)

Zephyr Hill is hosting a newborn cloth diaper give away! So if you have a newborn, or will have one soon, or one day, or maybe know someone who is going to have a baby AND you like to cloth diaper, or your friend does, head on over and check out her giveaway!

That's all for now!

Here's what the give away is: Again the link is here

  • Sweet Pea newborn cover (choice of in stock color/print)
  • 2 SoftBums MiniPods
  • Snappi fastener
  • A set of 8 cloth wipes

18 January 2013

The Anger Workbook by Les Carter & Frank Minirth

The Anger Workbook by Les Carter and Frank MinirthThe Anger Workbook: An Interactive Guide to Anger Management

We all get angry – it’s part of the spectrum of human emotion that God has given us.  Even the Bible tells us that there is a healthy anger (Eph 4:26) and an unhealthy anger (Eph 4:31). It’s how we handle the anger that we have that is appropriate or not. For some people though, anger may not be that simple; for example, they may not even know what the root issue is that is causing their anger. This is where The Anger Workbook by Les Carter, Ph.D. and Frank Minirth, M.D. comes in to help people out.

Their easy to use workbook breaks anger management into thirteen steps, starting with learning to recognize what anger. Sometimes anger can be disguised as depression. Sometimes it’s a volcano of rage that bubbles over. Carter and Minirth explore all those areas and more. Using case histories, psychological reasoning put in laymen’s terms and illustrations and guidance from the Bible, Carter and Minirth help the reader to explore, accept, let go and more of their anger.

I found Carter and Minirth’s workbook to be very easy to use, very non-judgmental as it acted as a gentle guide in exploring my anger emotions. The workbook is filled with questions as you go along each chapter and I found that these questions really made me think and search deep inside myself for answers. I would highly recommend this workbook to any person who has ever struggled with anger or controlling their emotions in general.