27 January 2014

Two down . . .

I started this post over the weekend and didn't get a chance to finish it, or something like that. So now I'm finishing it:

As expected, this week (last week) was not nearly as awesome as last week (the week before - you see how I wanted to write that little prequel to this post). Mike and I had communication issues, Little Man is still having major "miss Daddy" issues (the waking up several times a night is starting to get a big old) and it was a busy week.

We had a referral issue with Butterfly's speech therapy, but we're finally back on track with that after missing a few weeks, not including when we were on vacation. Unfortunately, Butterfly's speech therapist's schedule got changed because some of the other speech therapists quit, so now we're going to speech at 0800. Oi. Getting three kids up, dressed and out the door by 0730 is a challenge. So glad for cheerios and raisins in a sandwich baggie!

We did skype with Mike again and it went much, much better, but we are sticking to phone conversations for the majority of communication with the kiddos. It's just working much better to do phone calls than Skype conversations.

Mike and I have a hard time communicating in general and we have learned that we have to be very intentional and work very hard on our relationship just about every day. So, being away from each other, is a big communication barrier for us. And last week was no exception. But we worked out our big kink and forgave each other and we're trying again. I think we're going to have some kind of communication contingency plan for the deployment, complete with expectations and instructions on methods of communication, and then once he's in Afghanistan, we can tweak the plan for reality. I should write that down somewhere . . . .

The weekend was really nice. I felt like I did so much running around doing errands and going to therapy and stuff that it felt so good to just stay in PJ's all day. It turned into a two day PJ affair after Little Man vomited his breakfast up back onto his plate at the table before Chapel on Sunday morning. So we stayed home. Thankfully he just threw up the one time, but still, we missed Chapel which I was sad about.

The highlight of the week was learning that Mike didn't have to attend the fourth week of the training course he is taking, so he gets to come home a week early! Yay! It felt really nice to tear seven whole links off the chain that I made as a visual for the kids, although frankly I think they could care less about my little visual reminder I did for them. I'm not sure I'll do it for the training and definitely not for the deployment. At least not a construction paper chain.

The big thing that we did last week was attend the Hearts Apart Dinner that was put on the Airman & Family Readiness Center. They had pizza and put on Despicable Me 2 and they had all kinds of Valentines Crafts out for the kids so they could make something for Daddy. It was also nice to meet some of the deployed spouses. I know that Mike isn't deployed yet, but he has been gone for over two weeks and he a lot more training to do before he goes, so I really appreciated being allowed to be included in this. (Meeting with the MSgt in charge of these things earlier in the week was definitely a good call on my part, I think. As opposed to waiting until Mike got back after his second training and then going, or even worse, waiting until after he was gone to Afghanistan.)

I do have say that the A&FRC has some amazing support programs in place for deployed spouses and families. Because Mike doesn't orders yet and we haven't attended the Deployment Briefing, I can't participate in the some of the programs yet, which I completely understand. I am looking forward to some of them though! (Is that allowed?)

Anyway, I think enough has been said. Well, one more thing. I started our 2014 Year in Review Photobook through Shutterfly. If you are familiar with Shutterfly photobooks, then you know they have dozens and dozens of "themes" to choose from for your photobook. If you didn't know, you do now. Anyway, they have a military "home of the brave" theme to honor families who are apart because of deployments, in any branch of service. So I chose that one for our 2014 theme. Not going to lie, I'm probably going to cry a lot working on that book . . . . my title is: "A Year of Hearts Apart: A Family Split between New Mexico and Afghanistan" - yeah, kind of makes me teary eyed . . .

Well, have to sign off now. I hope your week was better than mine . . .

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