16 July 2014

The waiting and guessing game

We have been at Kirtland for four years. Four years and twenty-five days, to be exact.

One does not usually stay at a base for such a long time. However, there were a lot of things up in the air recently. Also, Mike wanted to re-enlist for six years, and to do that there was a very small time frame (one week actually) and so we had to wait for that week. If he was re-enlisting for four years, he could have re-enlisted months earlier. We can't get orders if the guys who decide that don't know you're staying in the Air Force.

Anyway, we are up for orders. We don't have orders yet and we knew that we might be hearing something soon, but up until this week it was only rumors and speculation, on our part.

Mike took leave the last two weeks and returned to work this week where he learned two things. 1) We are most definitely hot for orders. 2) His position is being eliminated. This means that we will most definitely be getting orders soon. They told him at least 45-60 days, but with the Air Force you don't really know.

I doubt, and there's always room for error in the Air Force, that we'll be getting orders back to Kirtland (meaning we would stay here). And we don't want to stay at Kirtland. Albuquerque is nice, but we are ready to move on and take our little adventure elsewhere.

I did the math today and this means that we could be moving over Christmas or in winter. Blah. I mean, I have thought in the past what it would be like to move over the holiday season, and how we would prepare for that, so it's not a new thought or anything. Moving in a warmer season would be preferable for me. Who knows though, maybe moving in winter is tons of fun and I don't know that because I haven't experienced it before.

So eventually, I'll be writing about which new base we're going to move too. We really don't have much idea of where we're going, so we'll just continue to hope we don't get the few bases we really don't want to move to (I'm talking to you arctic climate bases as well as other bases in New Mexico) and dream about where we want to go for now. And then when we get a RIP, I'll be planning like mad. [insert evil cackle here]. :)

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Cat said...

Good luck on getting what you want! We certainly never got anything near the top of our wishlist. Can't wait to hear about it!