27 November 2015

Usborne Books Book Friday Sale!

You are reading a blog post of one of the newest Usborne Books consultants!

Yes, I have signed up for a home business and I am advertising it on my blog. :)

As I wrote about previously, I have decided to homeschool the kiddos. Actually, as of this coming Monday, I will also be homeschooling Butterfly - but that's a story for another blog post.

Anyway, when I started buying curriculum Butterfly, I realized I would have to dip into savings (something I don't like doing), if I am going to do this homeschooling thing all the way, with all the kids.

So I thought about ways I could earn additional income. Writing and getting published? Would love to do that, but I seem to lose my courage when I start writing an article with the thought of getting it published. Plus, it's not a guarantee that my writing will be chosen for publication.

What about that novel you're writing?? Ah, yes, my beloved novel. My poor, neglected novel. Not anywhere near ready to submit to a publisher. Something about first and second and third revisions, and I have to write the ending . . . it's in my head, but I haven't put it down on paper. Yet. So that, is, obviously out.

Part time job? Childcare would probably eat up any income I brought in with that, especially since I don't have any contacts in the clinical research world in New Mexico . . .

Full time job? Well, kind of removes the point . . . and honestly, I love being at home and homeschooling, so I don't consider that an option as long as Mike has a job with a steady income.

What does that leave? Some kind of creative hobby that could turn into a business - yeah, nope. Sierra, Marilyn, and a few other friends of mine have some amazing skills with that kind of thing, but I've got . . . nil.

Lastly, home businesses. I thought about all the home businesses that I like - Pampered Chef, Scentsy, well, that's it. And Usborne Books. Which I adore. And spend a lot of money on anyway (although I usually can find fantastic deals at consignment sales).

So I thought, why not Usborne? I love (love love love) their products. I use their books every day - whether we're doing homeschool or not - and I believe in promoting literacy in children. Turns out Usborne Books believes in that too. In a big, big way.

I already had a contact with Usborne that I met through New Mexico Kids Consignment Sale, so I talked to her, got the low-down and signed up.

And so here I am. I shiny new consultant! I'm pretty excited!

AND, I got in just in time for BOOK FRIDAY! This weekend, and Cyber Monday, Usborne has some fabulous deals going on. If you're interested in taking a peak, doing some Christmas shopping, buying an excellent, educational, and imaginative book for your kiddo(s) - then head over to my site: Tegan's Usborne Books.

And if you're interested in doing a Facebook party with me, no matter where you are in the blogosphere, leave me a comment. If you leave personal info in the comment, I won't publish it for privacy reasons.

I'm looking forward to this new business adventure! Come join me! :)